Month: March 2017

Hamtramck High School: Putting words to music

What will be your legacy? One Earth Writing worked with 9th and 10th graders at Hamtramck High School this year, expanding students’ sense of identity individually and collectively through insightful writing workshops that explored the foundations of identity in the context of others in community around us. On March 28th, students wrote their own anthem/song. Songwriting is an […]


One Earth Ambassadors: Session 6

Writing about Identity & Sense of Place “Who am I?” is a question all of us ask at some point in our lives. It is an especially critical question for adolescents. As we search for answers, we begin to define ourselves. These are questions we seek to answer in writing in One Earth Writing workshops. Sometimes […]


Origin Story: Detroit

I grew up in Detroit, a beautiful place to be. A home where we all gathered to eat, sleep, and dream. Loud it was, kids in the streets Playing night and day; only pause for a brief. Spirits, we were told, will come to haunt So hurry, it’s after dark Clutching to our blankets, slowly […]


Religious Diversity Journeys Program: Learning about Hindusim

Over 600 students participated in the Religious Diversity Journey’s program. The program aimed to promote a greater understanding, awareness and knowledge concerning the many religious throughout the metro-Detroit area. From November to April, students participated in six school-day field trips that focused on the differences and similarities among the many celebrated religions. The programs connected students […]


Origin Stories: Huda School & Southwest Detroit Community School

Two people who may have thought they were different Find out they are the same They both enjoy their parks and places to play Yes, they have differences. They come from different places Different religions And have different faces Mariah’s parents were born in Iraq While Braijene’s were born here We both enjoy our family […]


To Whom it may Concern: a collaboration between Huda School and Southwest Detroit Community

One Earth Writing brought together the mostly Arab-American Muslim students from Huda School in Franklin with the mostly Latino and African-American students from Southwest Detroit Community School for a collaborative writing workshop on March 22nd. The students worked  to build a better understanding of self, identity, dispel stereotypes, and learn from one another to reach […]


I Am A Unicorn

I am a unicorn I am free I am real I am me I am a unicorn Some may doubt My being here But I am real And I am near To be a unicorn you must be pure No doubt or fear in your heart You must be sure To be a unicorn You […]


One Earth Writing Seeks Teen Ambassadors

One Earth Writing Ambassadors

WJBK Fox 2 Detroit interviews Founder of OEW, Lynne Golodner and three OEW ambassadors about the program and the Ambassadors application process, now open for the summer of 2017.

One Earth Writing Invites Teens to Apply for 2017 Summer Ambassadors Program

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