Month: April 2017

One Earth Ambassadors Retreat

With all of the distractions everyday for our Ambassadors – parents, siblings, chores, video games, and more – creativity can easily vanquish. Writing retreats offer youth the ability to immerse themselves in writing free of distractions and obligations of everyday life in a community of like-minded individuals. Our One Earth Ambassadors started their retreat by hitting […]


Why Me: Refugee Youth Writing – Samaritas New Americans Services

On January 21, working in pairs, the One Earth Ambassadors got to know a local refugee teen through Samaritas New American Services by asking questions and writing their answers. The goal of the program was to write their partner’s journey story descriptively and definitively,  so they have a record of how they came to America. Here […]


Fundraiser to aid young writers connecting despite their differences

Founder Lynne Golodner Discusses One Earth Writing Fundraiser and Ambassador Program


OEW Local Writer Watches Teens, Understanding Blossom with Nonprofit

One Earth Writing Teaches Teens How Storytelling Can Bridge Cultural Gaps

One Earth Writing teaches teens how storytelling can bridge cultural gaps

One Earth Writing Hosts First Fundraiser May 10th

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