Our Ambassadors program connects youth from different races, religions and socioeconomic origins in writing workshops. Our students are interested in exploring their writing talent through the lens of identity, as well as co-facilitating writing workshops in schools, houses of worship, and community centers.
Meet our current One Earth Writing Ambassadors

Name: Neely Allen

Age: 12

Grade: 7th

Hometown: Bloomfield Township, MI

School: Berkshire Middle School

Dreams/Aspirations: To start something that can make a difference or raise awareness for critical issues by going to college, hopefully film school. I want to use film as a medium to share stories with characters people can relate to.

Why did you become involved in the One Earth Writing Ambassadors Program? Because I want to help make a difference in the world.


Name: Ashleigh Garrison

Age: 17

Grade: 12th

Hometown: Detroit, MI

School: International Academy East

Dreams/Aspirations: I hope to work as a broadcast journalist for a national news company, covering everything from the economy to breaking national and world news events. After, I hope to continue working in communications by serving as the White House Press Secretary.

Why did you become involved in the One Earth Writing Ambassadors Program? I wanted to be in an environment in which there was a true passion for writing and helping others. I felt that by being a OEW Ambassador, I would have the opportunity to improve my own writing, help others improve theirs, and connect with people from all different backgrounds through stories. I was also excited to improve my leadership skills.


Name: Chloe Halprin

Age: 16

Grade: 11th

Hometown: Huntington Woods, MI

School: Berkley High School

Dreams/Aspirations: I plan on going to college and perhaps studying law or journalism.

Why did you become involved in the One Earth Writing Ambassadors Program? This program combines two things I love: writing and global action. I have enjoyed this program because I have been introduced to people from all walks of life, and have had the chance to expand my abilities as a writer.


Name: Sohil Jain

Age: 16

Grade: 11th

Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI

School: International Academy East

My Experience:  Writing for me goes much further than just essays and novels. I really like writing in general because I can truly write about anything. One Earth Writing Ambassador’s program has taught me to write about anything and everything.

I enjoy writing because it really gives paper and pen to my subliminal thoughts. I never really thought of myself as a writer until I joined One Earth Writing. The whole experience has been one of the best of my life. Writing became more important to me as I realized that writing is really just your voice. I feel that in order to write, all you need is an idea and a pen and paper, and the world is at your mercy. Writing can lead to your personal exploration. Exploration of the deepest of seas or highest of peaks. Writing is an art meant to be shared, and through One Earth Writing I learned how to create art that is worth sharing.


Name: Shikha Lakhani

Age: 16

Grade: 11th

Hometown: Troy, MI

School: International Academy East

Dreams/Aspirations: Owning a business I created is my dream. I hope to create a business that benefits all people and enhances their lives.

Why did you become involved in the One Earth Writing Ambassadors Program? To break down down barriers and build relationships by using my writing skills and the words from my heart. I became an Ambassador because I loved the idea of connecting the world through our written words.


Name: Jillian Lesson

Age: 13

Grade: 8th

Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI

School: West Hills Middle School

Dreams/Aspirations: After high school, I would love to attend University of Michigan, and then be a writer for living. I would love to write for newspapers, or maybe start a business of some sort.

Why did you become involved in the One Earth Writing Ambassadors Program? I have always loved to write and I thought this was a great opportunity to improve my writing skills while connecting with people who have the same interest as me.


Name: Anna Cervantes-Mayville

Age: 14

Grade: 8th

Hometown: South Lyon, MI

School: Millennium Middle School

Dreams/Aspirations: I hope to be a psychiatrist when I’m older, and continue to write in my free time.

Why did you become involved in the One Earth Writing Ambassadors program? It combines two things I love – equality and writing. It provides me with the opportunity to write and connect with people that care about the same things I do. I have always been passionate about diversity and this program allows me to express my ideas in hopes that equality will become the societal norm.


Name: Jasmein Minhas

Age: 16

Grade: 11th

Hometown: Troy, MI

School: International Academy East

Dreams/Aspirations: I don’t have a set vision of what I want to be outside of high school. I’m bouncing back and forth between multiple ideas. One part of me wants to be a journalist, another part of me wants to have a job that allows me to travel the world, and then another part of me wants to go into some sort of creative field where I have the freedom to do whatever I want.

Why did you become involved in the One Earth Writing Ambassadors Program? Writing is the one constant in many people’s lives that allow you to connect with another. Being a part of something like the Ambassadors program and using a simple, yet powerful tool like writing, allows individuals to make connections with different religions, races, cultures, etc. In society, it’s almost become a daunting task to try and do things like this, but I feel writing takes away those barriers and fears because it’s the one thing that relates to so many individuals. Regardless of the skills one possesses as a writer, in the end, writing is just a jumble of words thrown onto a page but it’s the people who read it and discuss it with others that bring it meaning and life. Being a OEW Ambassador has given me this ability.