Alex Young, Grade 12
2017 Fall Ambassador

I had skipped so fast on the sidewalk,
Past the soft brown soils of Summer,
With her warm gaze upon my back,
That when her daily walks above me,
Through the linen clouds grew shorter,
I did not yet realize her sickness.

In a turn of yellow-orange,
Pink flush upon my face,
In untied shoes, a stripped polo
And wrinkled cargo shorts,
I burst through the screen door’s mesh,
Yearning to give this strange Fall a face.

But in one heartless gust,
Arms crossed, head down, hairs raised,
She stripped me down bare.
Gone the countenance of my dreams,
Fell the curtain of bright leaves,
To a theater of the mocking dead.

Cruel Winter and her dark clouds,
Suffocated the world, a blanket white-gray:
Not a color say, but a reflection,
For on the gleaming frost banks,
I saw the truth of my naked soul,
Shivering back up at me.

And while gentle Spring did lift the snow,
And, in a mother’s healing green arms,
Carried my broken body in home,
Her warm gaze can never yet heal my soul,
Still frozen, and now forever old.