Brynna Connolly, Grade 11
Mercy High School
2017 Ambassador

I’ve always had a knack for speaking foreign languages. Spanish and French are my favorites. Food and culture comes with it when you immerse yourself in language. My knowledge of cultures that are not my own became a sort of desperado for me. If I was not good at anything else, at least I would still have a whole world to learn from. So, when I travel, ordering food becomes my top priority. I will say a polite kali-mera, hola, bonjour, guten-tag, hello, konichicud, nee-haw, anyung-haseo, or… I digress, but then I get right to ordering questioning cultural significance and pronunciation with each dish that comes my way. I am determined that, if I cannot do anything else. Je vais I’avoir.

Sherbet skies are the things I live for. I see the ice cream flavored sunsets as the world’s apology to me for the crop hand life dealt me. I am at peace when my eyes dance with that sherbet sky. I remember the days when life was simple, even though, then, I thought it not. And now, in front of me, a little piece of heaven, presenting itself. So, relish these sherbet skies, you may not realize how many are lost on the world.